Purpose and Objective of our Church


聖經告許我們上帝是給的上帝, 祂是自有永有, 從恆古就有, 祂給人的恩具可以信靠耶穌(是上帝道成肉身)得永生豐盛的生命. 本教會就是要去告訴所有的人, 當信主耶穌你就必得救. 原來 「信」這件事不是上帝要求的條件, 乃是祂要賜給人進入耶穌更豐盛生命的恩具. 我們的願望是來到本教會的人都能與我們一樣, 因耶穌得拯救, 有脫離捆綁的經歷, 有一個被耶穌改變的生命, 同時也進入一個充滿盼望的生活.


The Bible teaches that God exists from beginning to everlasting, and that He has given His grace to human kind. It is possible to receive the gift of eternal life by believing in Jesus Christ, the Word who has become flesh. We hope that everyone who comes to our church will be blessed with the grace of salvation, set free from bondage, and experience new and abundant life through faith in Christ Jesus. It is for the objective of sharing this blessing with others that FCUMC exists.