Church Life


教會是個屬靈的家, 天父要生無數兒女在這個家, 天父的兒女依從聖經稱呼是基
督徒. 教會就是基督徒得供應和裝備去供應的地方, 如同己得麵包的乞丐去告訴
另外的乞丐那裡有麵包. 所以信徒要過教會生活, 通過參加禮拜天崇拜, 人生方向
得指引. 參加主日學可以學習聖經; 參加教會團契可以學習服務; 參加教會禱告
會, 以代禱和對天父的歡頌感恩一同被主的愛充滿, 這個家有溫暖, 也是避風港,


The church is a spiritual home where God desires many children to belong. According to the Bible, God's children are called Christians and the church is a place where Christian get nourishment and training. It is, therefore essential for Christian believers to join a church and take part in church activities. By attending the Sunday Worship Service we can receive directions for daily living; by attending the Sunday School, we can learn more about the Bible; by joining Christian Fellowship we can learn to serve; by attending Prayer Meeting, we can together find fulfillment in prayer and praises. We can experience love and warmth in the church where we can also find our refuge.