Church and Community


教育; 並設立數學、英文、中文、潛能學習課程。詳情請查看:



本教堂有足夠的空間和健全的設備, 可供鋼琴演奏會和婚禮使用*。

FCUMC belongs to the community and is dedicated to serving the community. We now have FasTracKids, enrichment education for children 6 months and up. We also plan to provide
afterschool enrichment classes that include math, English, Chinese and other language immersion.
Additionally, the facility can be used for piano recitals and weddings*。


*使用教堂必須經過申請和批准手續。如果這個活動與本教會的信仰衝突,教會將保留拒絕使用的權利。To use our facility, you need to fill an application and wait until it is approved.